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    NEW! As we continously evolve with the industry we work in, we widened the range of services we provide to our Talents’, based on feedback we receive continuously from all participants of the entertainment industry. Therefore, from today, if anyone requires, we can provide the following extra services:


    ✅ We can arrange personal protection services for you if you feel unsafe or alone. This person is paid by the hour and only listens to you. This service is offered at competitive rates, and comes with discounted chauffeur service as well. We only connect you to this individual, all monetary arrangements are to be handled by you, therefore, he will only listen to you and no one else.

    ✅ Mental Health Consultant, Psychologist – we can provide you with contact with a professional who is well established and very knowledgeable to assist you with your mental health concerns and issues, should you think it is something you need. Online and in-person sessions are available from that individual in Budapest. These sessions will always be focused on You, and all conversations will be strictly confidential.

    ✅ Intimacy manager, who oversees your work environment and will act if necessary upon your request or if he/she observes an issue. As this is to provide a more relaxed, eased working environment for You, the costs of such a manager to be present falls on the company you work with.

    ✅ One hour of free financial and legal advice. Feel free to ask any questions you have about finances or legals! Our goal is to help you navigate various aspects of financial planning and legalities. In the case of deep taxation, or legal questions, we link you up with a financial advisor and/or attorney (a fee-based service).


    If you are interested in any of our new services, please don’t hesitate to ask through our normal communication channels!